Nursing Home for sinners

They say the church is a hospital for sinners.  That’s only true if people are getting better.  Instead, they have become a nursing home for sinners where everyone is made very comfortable in their illness/sin until they die.—Ed Ditmyer


The Living Son of God

And this is eternal life, that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom thou has sent. John 17:3.

This verse has stood out for almost a week.  Not for my sake but due to the spirit which led me, and kept me here.  During the week the emphasis was on eternal life.  And that eternal life is not listed as going to heaven or any other pleasures we commonly think of or associate with heaven.  But a revelation came unto me in which the emphasis was on Jesus Christ!

Why does Christ refer to himself in third person here?  He was praying between him and our Heavenly Father…God Almighty.  There is no reason to believe Christ knew anyone was listening to him in which John could accurately record the heavenly prayer.  The reason Christ was referring to himself in third person was that it was not Jesus of Nazareth speaking!  It was the Son of the Almighty God who was made manifest in the body of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Son of the Living God, the spirit which descended from heaven, who was dwelling in the physical being of Jesus was in his fullness!  Can you imagine the majestic glory which must have shown from the body of Christ?  It is almost beyond comprehension!  For this being took on the form of flesh and not a pleasant form.  “He hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him”  Isaiah 53:2.  But the son of the Most High God Almighty left his glory in heaven while being exalted above all in order to come to the earth so flesh could mock, scoff, and spit at him.  But this being, called Jesus, was able to overcome the flesh/world in order to allow us the grace to do the same.

May we all rejoice in the glory of the Son of God who dwelled in Jesus of Nazareth.  For in him can we overcome sin, know the one true God, and gain eternal life.